By Bonny Ella

The saying that one good turn deserves another has been brought to life in Mbakyor Community of Gwer East Local Government Area, Benue State, whose joy knew no bounds as Bishop Wilfred Anagbe commissioned a borehole sponsored by Makurdi Diocese for the community in appreciation for the 14 hectares of land it has donated to the Church.

The commissioning ceremony which was preceded by a Eucharistic celebration was attended by prominent sons and daughters of the community who expressed appreciation to the church for coming to the aid of the people who have been neglected by successive governments in Benue State.

The Bishop had earlier commissioned a bridge across River Fete.  The construction of the bridge was initiated by the late Father Joseph Gor and was eventually completed by the community after the murder of the priest along with many parichoned.

The bridge connects Ayar-Mbalom to the rest of the world.  It was completed under the guidance of Engr David Naakaa who had worked on the project with the late Father Gor.

Bishop Anagbe who expressed appreciation to the people for their generosity to the diocese noted that the borehole was a sign of good things to come to communities that have embraced Christianity with sincerity.

It will be recalled that the people of Mbakyor had donated 14 hectares of land to the diocese of Makurdi in January 2018 to be used for any project that would bring development to the community.

The President of Mbakyor Sons in Diaspora, Mr. Boniface Ishongu expressed happiness over the gesture and assured the bishop that no member of the community will for any reason take the land from the Church as the gift has been consented to by the entire community.

The youth leader of the community, Mr. Ter-Kusa also assured the Church that they would do their best to prevent encroachment on the land by members of the community both now and in future and expressed happiness that with the donation, development has started coming to the area the same way the Church has done in places that it has been welcomed. The commissioning took place on January 27, 2019.

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